Dave Grohl Signature Gibson DG-335

Modeled after a Gibson Trini Lopez signature model (built by Gibson from 1964 to 1971), the Dave Grohl “Inspired by” model is really one of the finest Gibsons I’ve ever played. I’ve got the chance to play many Gibsons when I worked for Gearwire, and this one takes the cake… so far lol

Where to begin… Lets start with the headstock – you may think this headstock may look a bit “fendery” to be on a Gibson, in fact, this headstock is from a Gibson Firebird which is one of my favorite Gibson designs of all time. The semi-hollow body is reminiscent of other 335 style guitars – its not to heavy but its all maple body is built like a tank. You may be surprised that Dave went with a semi-hollow body. As you may remember, Dave Grohl was the drummer for Nirvana, and I feel he is single handedly responsible for keeping rock alive. You’d think a solid body is more suitable for its high-gain application in the Foo Fighters, but believe me the semi-hollow body and burst-bucker pickups yield a thick yet sparkly tone that screams with distortion.

Its really amazing how lively this guitar sounds with distortions. Every note I played sounded like the cry of a beast without adding harmonics or any fancy techniques. On a clean setting, you can get any tone from a classic B.B. blues to a clean jazz tone. These pickups have a very hot output which lends a hand when it comes to distortion, and they help add a little more bite when playing clean. This may be one of the most versatile Gibsons on the planet. Hats off to you Dave Grohl; not only are you one of the baddest drummers on the planet, you have shown the world that your talent surpasses instrumental limitations and has no limits:)



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