Guitar Lessons San Rafael provides you with a dependable, qualified and experienced guitar teacher. Our resident guitar guru has over 25 years of teaching experience and is currently the head of a music and recording arts department at a high school in Marin. In addition, he took lessons directly from John Scofield, Paul Gilbert, John Patitucci, Jim Hall, Mike Stern, & Jody Fisher. Guitar Lessons San Rafael is proud to be fully accredited!

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“Drew is the best you will find. I have been playing guitar for about 17 years, and am self taught. I learned more in 6 months of lessons with Drew than I did in 17 years combined. The key with Drew is that he has a music degree and understands music theory. Anyone can look up a guitar tab solo online and play it….but Drew will teach you WHY you are playing those particular notes, and what scale/mode those notes belong to in context with a particular song. It is this knowledge that will help you really learn how to play guitar, and not just memorize tabs you can find online. In addition, Drew is just a cool young guy, and fun to hang with. You will look forward to your sessions with Drew. His prices are reasonable for what he gives you, and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to really learn how to play guitar, and learn music theory in Chicago.” – Dean L.

“Best Guitar Lessons I’ve Had. Easily worth $50 an hour. If your looking for the best guitar teacher in Chicago, look no further. I took 5 lessons at Drew Krag Guitar Lessons Chicago and I can’t believe how far I’ve come. I was a self taught player when I came to drew, now, I feel like I understand music a lot more plus I feel confident soloing over just about anything. This guys no joke, if your serious about learning the guitar, Drew provided the best lessons I’ve had by a landslide.” – Wallace G.

“More than just a standard guitar lesson I took guitar lessons back in middle school and decided it would be good to get back into. Drew definitely provides a sense of comfort as I was somewhat embarrassed being 25 years old and taking guitar lessons. Drew’s guitar lessons go more in depth and help to improve technique and got me into other types of music such as blues. I believe Drew to be among the best instructors in Chicago and I would recommend his services to a player at any age or skill level.” – Kyle N.

My Videos:

This is a performance of Vivian Garcia and myself. She is a very accomplished flamenco guitar player and vocalist. I’m adding some color by soloing on a nylon string guitar. Many traditional flamenco players would frown on me for using a pick on a nylon string guitar, but I have only been studying flamenco for a year or two and comparatively, the pick sounds much nicer. Enjoy Vivian’s fine voice as well as her amazing flamenco technique. Note her right hand and how she picks the strings – very difficult stuff! Enjoy!

Here is my most popular YouTube video. We are approaching close to 500,000 hits on this one! Keep your fingers crossed. This is a basic beginners guitar lesson on how to get your guitar in “relative” tuning. This means that it is in tune with itself and will sound good if your playing solo guitar. If your playing with other musicians, I highly recommend using a guitar tuner, or tuning to them by ear. Simple instruction, very important basic information. Enjoy!

Here is a cool video guitar lesson where I show you how to create a blues chord solo idea. Chord solos can be difficult, but the sound that is achieved is well worth the effort it takes to get it down. The idea is creating a fuller sound by hitting multiple strings of the guitar. This is particularly successful when playing alone, but it still can be used while playing with other people as well. Enjoy!

My favorite videos:

This is beautiful. For all of you that don’t know, B.B. King is completely self taught. Its lovely to see him giving a lesson. This mans passion is intoxicating! If you have yet to see him play guitar live, I highly recommend it. This is a guitar lesson where B.B. discusses phrasing which is what he does best. B.B. can express more emotion with a single note, than most players can with a hundred notes! Enjoy!

Slash is another self-taught genus. I have been a huge fan of Slash for as long as I can remember. Appetite For Destruction was the crowning of my manhood. I read a column Slash wrote for Guitar Player Magazine, and he was so modest for such a great player. In this video guitar lesson you can experience a bit of his personality and practicing techniques. Enjoy!

This is hilarious. Ted (insert curse here) Nugent gives his whacked out version of a guitar lesson. Now you can see why they call him the motor city madman. Its true, he is just that way lol I couldn’t resist throwing this in here… I met the Nuge in the north woods of Michigan about ten years back… He came into a restaurant that I worked at and invited the whole place to his archery camp… I was terrified to go, but I more terrified to say no lol! He played a few songs for us and woo’d us with his wacky ramblings… enjoy… or be terrified lol ladies and gentlemen, the motor city madman!

Here’s a guitar lesson by Kirk Hammett of Metallica. He goes through a few classic licks from the album Master of Puppets. I don’t think any guitar player could escape the intoxicating call of Metallica at one point or another. The black album captivated me as a a kid, so Kirk has always been a hero of mine. Most of his solo’s are tricky, but his rhythm parts are genus and many times not too difficult. In this video guitar lesson, he shows you a few of his classic licks. Enjoy!

Here a great guitar player and a great teacher; Paul Gilbert. I had the honor of kickin’ it with Paul at the National Guitar Workshop, and I have to say, he’s truly impressive all around; amazing player, great teacher, great guy, and he’s hilarious. He is also waaaaaay to good at guitar lol In this guitar lesson, he shows respect to other instruments by teaching a piano lick on guitar. Impressive lick, especially when he plays it fast lol

Dave Mustaine of Megadeath gives a basic Metal guitar lesson. He is a veteran of playing Metal guitar and its great to see him do an overview of Metal technique and alternate picking. Its tough to find lessons with talented players that can be simple and easy to comprehend. Cheers Dave, great job!

Brian Setzer.. What more can I say. You may remember this guitar player from The Stray Cats, or as the ringleader of The Brian Setzer Orchestra. Known for his aggressive rockabilly chops and up tempo big band swing, he continues to impress in this guitar lesson. Amazing hollowbody guitar he is playing as well; I can only guess that is a custom Gretch guitar, as that is Brian’s primary brand. This isn’t so much a guitar lesson, as it is a testament of how great one can get with intense study.

This is a great video lesson featuring the great Stevie Ray Vaughan. Enjoy seeing an amazing guitar player close up and personal. Listen to the quote in the very beginning about being less of a purist made Stevie the player he was… This video also covers how SRV was able to triumph over drugs, only to die in a helicopter crash:( So tragic.

Berklee College of music costs far too much for any non-rich person to attend, so its kinda cool to find some free online lessons from them. I attended Berklee for about a week, its a very competitive environment, which might be good for some, but I found the place to be like a trendy high school for musicians. Everyone had their chin in the air and was “the best”… Didn’t seem worth the price, plus I was not impressed by any of the professors that I took lessons from. But none the less, this is a cool lesson, with some fairly simple guitar rhythm blues ideas. Enjoy!

This isn’t as much of a guitar lesson as it is a revelation of how amazing someone can get after years and years of study. If you haven’t heard of Eric Johnson, you may want to sit down before watching this video. Eric is an anomaly. You will hear influences from Jimi Hendrix to Eddie Van Halen, but you may notice his overall tone and style is unlike anyone you’ve ever heard. He is perfect example of how far one individual can go with years of collective study. Enjoy!

What can I say… Never give up! This guy is incredible… I just wonder how he tunes that thing! Here’s proof in case you needed it that you should never stop playing guitar, even if you loos your arms! Enjoy!

This video is a little scary, but these kids are amazing guitar players! Check this out!

These are so many ways to play the guitar. Here’s a great example. Andy Mckee has developed his own way of playing this instrument. Perhaps the best thing about the guitar, there are so many sounds and different ways to play this instrument! Its never wrong to experiment with this instrument – it can lead you into a new reality of guitar playing!

This is hilarious! See if you can spot all these riffs. There are guitar licks from every classic rock/metal/grunge song of all time – lol. The best part is how fluid he is switching from one to the next. It almost sound like its own song. Try an spot your favs lol

Here is a collection of video guitar lessons I made for





Modeled after a Gibson Trini Lopez signature model (built by Gibson from 1964 to 1971), the Dave Grohl “Inspired by” model is really one of the finest Gibsons I’ve ever played. I’ve got the chance to play many Gibsons when I worked for Gearwire, and this one takes the cake… so far lol

Where to begin… Lets start with the headstock – you may think this headstock may look a bit “fendery” to be on a Gibson, in fact, this headstock is from a Gibson Firebird which is one of my favorite Gibson designs of all time. The semi-hollow body is reminiscent of other 335 style guitars – its not to heavy but its all maple body is built like a tank. You may be surprised that Dave went with a semi-hollow body. As you may remember, Dave Grohl was the drummer for Nirvana, and I feel he is single handedly responsible for keeping rock alive. You’d think a solid body is more suitable for its high-gain application in the Foo Fighters, but believe me the semi-hollow body and burst-bucker pickups yield a thick yet sparkly tone that screams with distortion.

Its really amazing how lively this guitar sounds with distortions. Every note I played sounded like the cry of a beast without adding harmonics or any fancy techniques. On a clean setting, you can get any tone from a classic B.B. blues to a clean jazz tone. These pickups have a very hot output which lends a hand when it comes to distortion, and they help add a little more bite when playing clean. This may be one of the most versatile Gibsons on the planet. Hats off to you Dave Grohl; not only are you one of the baddest drummers on the planet, you have shown the world that your talent surpasses instrumental limitations and has no limits:)