Studio Production Lessons

In addition to teaching all levels and styles of guitar, we also offer the following classes:

Electric and Acoustic Guitar:  Study any style of guitar from heavy metal to gypsy jazz! All levels are and styles are welcome! Drew likes to to teach you music that you love, this will keep you motivated and make the learning process much more fun.

Studio Production: Learn how to build a recording studio from the ground up. Topics include: mixing, midi, midi sequencing, microphone placement, overdubbing, Ableton Live, Native Instruments Komplete, acoustics, EQ, and much much more.

Music Theory: Learn the tricks to understanding the structure of music. For hundreds of years man has attempted to understand the art of music and through this exploration, a great deal of knowledge has been gathered. Learn the relationships between chords and scales and take your playing to the next level by expanding your understanding of music theory.

Songwriting and Composition: Learn the tricks to composing a song and make your music more interesting. Whether your just starting out, or have already begun to compose music, Drew can help you understand the different sections of a song and apply theory to make your songs more harmonically interesting and more original.


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