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Drew is the best you will find. I have been playing guitar for about 17 years, and am self taught. I learned more in 6 months with Drew than I did in 17 years combined. The key with Drew is that he has a music degree and understands music theory. Anyone can look up a guitar tab solo online and play it…. but Drew will teach you WHY you are playing those particular notes, and what scale/mode those notes belong to in context with a particular song. It is this knowledge that will help you really learn how to play guitar, and not just memorize tabs you can find online. In addition, Drew is just a cool young guy, and fun to hang with. You will look forward to your sessions with Drew. His prices are reasonable for what he gives you, and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to really learn how to play guitar, and learn music theory.”  – Dean L.


“I’ve been taking guitar lessons with Drew for a few months and am really impressed with him as an instructor. He is extremely passionate about guitar and obviously takes teaching it very seriously. Each new concept is presented in a clear and concise manner; but if you don’t get it, he’ll patiently explain it again until you do. Playing the guitar has never felt so approachable as it does after a few lessons with Drew. Whether you’re a novice or just looking to improve- you will definitely find these private lessons to be beneficial.” – Sara Q.


“Best Guitar Lessons I’ve Had. Easily worth $100 an hour. If your looking for the best guitar teacher in Marin, look no further. I took 5 lessons at Guitar Lessons San Rafael and I can’t believe how far I’ve come. I was a self taught player when I came to drew, now, I feel like I understand music a lot more plus I feel confident soloing over just about anything. This guys no joke, if your serious about learning the guitar, Drew provided the best lessons I’ve had by a landslide.” – Wallace G.”


“More than just a standard guitar lesson I took guitar lessons back in middle school and decided it would be good to get back into. Drew definitely provides a sense of comfort as I was somewhat embarrassed being 25 years old and taking guitar lessons. Drew’s guitar lessons go more in depth and help to improve technique and got me into other types of music such as blues. I believe Drew to be among the best instructors in California and I would recommend his services to a player at any age or skill level.” – Kyle N.


“I’ve been going to drew for a few months now, and I’ve been amazed at how fast I’ve managed to progress. I picked up the guitar about a year ago, but for some reason, wasn’t able to advance despite having played for 8 or so months. I decided to try formal lessons and saw great reviews of Drew on Yelp. Drew is a great teacher for several reasons:


1. He is very good at explaining the concepts of what you’re learning. He starts from the basics and always explains why he’s teaching what he is.
2. He teaches enough theory for you to understand what’s going on without confusing you.
3. He writes great practice notes for you.
4. He is very congenial and easy to get along with.
5. He is passionate about teaching, and takes pride in being a good teacher.

If you are thinking about learning guitar, I implore you to try Drew. I swear, you won’t be disappointed!”  -Samantha W.


” I just finished my third guitar lesson with Drew. Over the last 3-4 years, I have bounced around to 4 or 5 different instructors, never coming close to finding the right fit. Frustrated, and in an attempt to self-teach myself, I also tried numerous teaching web sites and various software programs, before finally semi-retiring about a year ago. After deciding to give it another shot about a month ago, I researched various instructors in the Marin area, and found Drew mentioned favorably in multiple reviews, so I signed up for an introductory lesson. I can honestly say that after only 3 lessons, I already have a much better concept of what I am doing than all of my prior attempts combined. Previous instructors have said, ‘if you want to play this song, copy these chords or these notes” without any real explanation why. At least in my case, Drew seems to have found the right combination of useful practice exercises, the practical application of those lessons towards my goals, and enough music theory to help me better understand why I’m doing what I’m doing, without going over my head. Drew’s ability to teach guitar is rivaled only by his ability to play guitar, which is considerable. I would recommend him to anyone looking for first rate instruction.” – Adam L.


“I will preface this by saying I have only had one lesson with Drew, but I will be back and I am practicing because he knew how to teach me. This isn’t a b.s. advertisement or a friend of Drew’s. I actually took lessons with a different person. The lesson was bad and I ended up putting my guitar down. Drew was personable, professional and clearly understands how to teach a beginner how to play. His personalized lesson and practice instructions were great and I have no problem executing them. I can already tell I will be playing songs in no time. He is easily worth 100 a lesson.” -Drew N.


“I started out as an absolute beginner and have learned a tremendous amount from Drew in 6 months time. I’m playing songs that I never thought I would ever be able to play. Drew is a great teacher that is patient and a cool guy all around. If you wanted a stress free way to learn the guitar I would highly recommend Drew Krag.” – John W a.k.a “The Weez”


“Drew Krag is a complete master of the art of guitar playing. More importantly, he is able to communicate that extensive knowledge and skill as an instructor, whether the pupil is a beginner or a much more experienced player. His studio is conveniently located and he is always available on a flexible schedule. I highly recommend Drew for any person who wants to learn how to play guitar from one of the best.” – Jeff B.


“Not only experienced but also an excellent teacher who helps you push the envelope so that you’re always getting better and better.” – Betty S.


” Drew got this long time beginner moving again – I’ve been “teaching” myself guitar for more years that I would care to admit. I never really understood what was printed in all the books I bought and also managed to develop pretty bad technique. It also didn’t help that I was moving around a bunch and never sat in the same city for more than a year. When I finally moved back to San Rafael, and settled down, i finally decided to take some guitar lessons from someone who taught better than I could learn. Drew is that teacher. I’ve been going to see Drew for about 3 months, and my improvement is audible. Even the fiancée is impressed with my progress! His teaching style is both positional and non-positional and he really takes the lessons to wherever you want them to go. No matter what the style, skill or age of student, I’m pretty confident that Drew can guide them to new levels and present them with awesome study material.” – Markian P.


“Great Teacher – Drew really knows his stuff, and approaches teaching things at a level comfortable for the student. I feel like I’ve progressed a lot in the short time I’ve been taking lessons and look forward to seeing how far I can go. He’s great at pushing me to do things I would not have approached otherwise.” – Joey N.


“excellent teacher I believe he would be a superb teacher for all levels of players and all styles. I certainly have enjoyed all my lessons with him and I have noticed my level of play and awareness for the guitar has increased. His style of teaching can be both inside and outside the box; he brings enthusiasm and love for music that is contagious. If I were rich I would hire him as my minstrel just so I can jam with him at beck and call. I would probably have Jim Gaffigan as my jester if I could also. But that aside, I give Drew my highest accolades.” – Douglas S.


“I took lessons with Drew for over six months before I moved to Colorado. He is by far the best guitar teacher I have ever taken lessons from. His concepts are fun, simple and well commutative and he has the patients of a saint. I started from scratch and after six months, I felt confident playing much more advanced material. Guitar is so much fun for me now! If I could only find a teacher as good as Drew in Denver, I’d be all set!” – Christine S.


“Very knowledgeable and patient–besides that he is a musician that has experience of doing live gigs—so besides the theory he has a “working” knowledge of what works and what doesnt—again his understanding of music is that of most jazz guitarists—excellent—he can teach whatever your into–jazz,blues,metal etc…he doesn’t have any weak areas in my opinion—he can give you the tools to whatever your music preference is—–easy to get along with—-does not have an ego problem like some instructors—-as i said before patient no pressure –move at your own pace—-the guys a class act!!!!!” – Steve R.


“Sick Lessons I took lessons from Drew for about 4 months. He is without a doubt a great ally to have when it comes to learning the guitar. His relaxed studio is very welcoming, and neat. Overall, his approach to teaching is great! I would advise all my friends to take lessons. Let’s just hope he still has time for an old client…” – Bradley B.


“Drew is absolutely the best guitar teacher in Marin, I learned something new in every lesson – even the first lesson which was free! I finally feel comfortable soloing and playing music with other people:) Thanks a lot Drew!” – Mike M.


“Professional and Affordable! I was very impressed with Drew’s teaching style. He is very professional and doesn’t waste your time showing off like most guitar teachers do. He gives me great stuff to practice during the week and I sometimes bring a song that I’d like to learn and he breaks it down so easily. If you are considering guitar lessons in the San Rafael area, you will not be disappointed with Drew Krag…” – Kacey S.


“Great With Beginners! I knew nothing when I started guitar lessons with Drew, Its been a few months, and I have already tackled songs I never thought I would be able to play! I’m currently working on over the hills and far away by Zep! its very challenging, but I love to practice and learn more from Drew. He doesn’t only show you how to play the guitar, he helps you understand the inner workings of guitar and music theory in a simple easy to understand way!” -Diego D.


“Real Guitar Lessons – Drew doesn’t only know how to play, he knows how to teach. I learned more in one month taking from him then I did in two years studying on my own! he is the real deal.” -Keith C.


“I learned something new in every lesson – even the first lesson which was free! I finally feel comfortable soloing and playing music with other people:) Thanks a lot Drew!” -Henry W.


“The guitar lessons you gave were the best I ever had. The site is a good idea. Keep it up! Thanks.” – R.J.


“I came to Drew because I was stuck in a rut with my playing. After just a few months of lessons, I feel as if jazz is as familiar to me as holding a pick. And he’s a cool dude to jam with, too! Probably the best teacher for my money.” – Mike C.


“Just want to say that I have had a lot of experience with guitar teachers who are just showing off when they are suppose to teach me stuff! So I really like your teaching philosophy. Keep on rockin’ peace” – Lars


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